About Us

Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools enable the AEC industry to deliver a better building for their clients while achieving cost savings in the process. Owners are using BIM for Asset Management, Facilities Management, and tracking their portfolio to keep their finger on the pulse of their business. Now even companies are using BIM to track personnel locations and hardware assets.

The last big change the AECO industry felt was the computer. CAD changed us from drawing lines on paper to drawing lines on a computer. Word processor software took us from writing door schedules and project scope reports on paper to typing them on a computer. These factors made CAD a evolutionary change.

Green BIM understands BIM is a much bigger step and the computer, looking back at it, CAD probably shouldn’t have felt like that big of a deal. BIM now takes us from drawing lines on a computer to drawing objects in space. Objects that can be built to intelligently know what and where they are. Objects whose simple presence in the model means they exist on door schedules, project scope reports, or a project requirements check list. This makes BIM a revolutionary change.