Digital Twin

Building Information Modeling allows a building management to leverage facility data through the facility lifecycle to provide safe, healthy, effective and efficient work environments for their tenants. By creating a digital twin of the building, you can create greater efficiencies such as: having accurate as-built information to reduce the cost & time required for renovations; increasing tenant satisfaction; and optimizing the operation and maintenance of our building systems to reduce energy usage.

Having trouble capturing your building’s turnover data for use in day-to-day business operations? Green BIM will collect your facility data, standardize your data (using COBie), link data to your BIM (Building Information Modeling) model, and will present the data in an easy-to-use format that everyone can understand.

Green BIM will also prepare your building’s BIM for Facilities Management model, allowing your facilities personnel to access critical asset and system information at the click of a button.

Use your current BIM model for day-to-day operations of your facility. Green BIM will clean your model to your specifications, using custom viewpoints for your technicians to locate asset data quickly and easily. Don’t have 3D? Green BIM can create a 3D BIM model for you, or you can use your buildings 2D floor plans instead.

Collect, clean, and standardize the format of your data to use in any building management software or CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).  Green BIM will clean your existing data by standardizing the format and naming conventions. Collect data from the very beginning of your new construction project, keeping your standards in place throughout the life of the project.

Please contact us to learn how we can help you leverage BIM technology for Facilities Management.