BIM for Modular

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 3D Modeling process that improves planning, design and construction of the buildings with this it benefits and portrays impact on off-site construction. It acts as the integration for Modular Construction based on production, execution and development of prefabricated panels or volumetric modules. The power of BIM for modular is that it provide insight into pricing, scheduling and factory line planning.

Off site construction stands to gain the most from BIM, yet off site is often the most behind in BIM. Off site companies will find they are lacking in areas like standards, materials integration, factory line integration, and computational automation. When you’ve tied your materials, to work results and tasks; BIM combined with automation tools can give you highly accurate and instant information.

Key benefits BIM brings to off site:

    • Pricing
    • Scheduling
    • Planning
    • Material Planning
    • Computational Automation
    • Digital Twin

Green BIM is helping off site construction companies by changing this paradigm to enable the realization of BIM’s full potential. Green BIMs method of integrated and automated technology enables production of a highly detailed Digital Twin model of every building. The model encodes all of the instructions for the building, including how to manufacture it, how to assemble it, and how to most effectively manage it once construction is complete.

Green BIM can help you:

    • Develop Standard
    • Build Building Information Models
    • Automate the design/engineering/shop drawing process
    • Create an integrated ERP
    • Refine your model to produce digital twins for a clients facilities management

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