BIM Servers

Green BIM’s BIM Servers enable multiple people in different geographical locations to work synchronistically within the same files live. With our BIM Servers, teams can see other teams changes happen, in the model together. Green BIM offers a large network of BIM Servers for your project teams. Green BIM Servers allow you and your project team to work live in the same model across the country or across the globe. You will be able to strategically place your BIM Servers for high speed access by all members of the project team allowing Design Teams, Engineering, Owners, and Contractors to access your files live and at your discretion.

BIM Servers are being used by teams working live in Revit between Boston, New York and London.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
-H. Ford

BIM Server Lite

Working the same as BIM Server, BIM Server Lite provides all the benefits of BIM Servers for smaller projects at a more economical price. BIM Server Lite provides a starting point for firms just exploring BIM Servers. Allowing up to 50GB of hard drive data replication, these servers give firms an opportunity to grow into the use of BIM Servers.

BIM Server Lite is being used by firms to share live Revit and presentation data between New York and London. Offices around the country use BIM Server Lite on a daily basis.

Integrated Project Delivery

Are you thinking about getting into IPD? BIM Servers from Green BIM are the step you need to take to be prepared. The intense coordination involved in an IPD project demands that the teams have information in an ‘at your finger tips’ environment.

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