Customer Success

Looney Ricks Kiss
Memphis, TN

R. R. BIM Manager – “Our project is the conversion of a 1922 Catalog Distribution Center into a Mixed Use Building. The main building is 10 stories with a 15 Story tower, total square footage is around 1 million. We have two main teams working in the file; we share the design with a Canadian firm. We have 7 team members working on the model here in the US and 6 more in Canada.

We chose Green BIM over Revit Server as the best way to share our model for this intensive design effort. Setup was very easy and we deployed the shared folders quickly. We did have some issues in the beginning, but we were well supported to solve these issues quickly during setup.

Being an International Team that had mixed results on previous BIM collaborations we initially had some concerns; however, the speed and ease of implementing Green BIM Servers reassured the design leaders that this project could not have been completed any other way without overcoming major obstacles. We hope to use the Green BIM Server collaboration method used on this project as a template for future work.

Green puzzle piece connecting a picture together or solving a problem

Opsis Architecture
Portland, OR

M. M. IT Manager – “We are designing a residence hall for new students at Oregon State University.  It has 82,000 square feet distributed among five floors.  There are two architectural firms collaborating, each in a different geographic location.  Each firm has anywhere from 1-3 people working on the model at any one time.

Scott has been exemplary in supporting this project.  He communicates well, is proactive, and has shown a great deal of ingenuity in problem solving.  Early on, we needed to fine tune the system in order to increase the response time of the model.  Scott offered several different solutions and even brought in a network engineer who had direct influence on the setup to assist.

Using the Green BIM service has allowed us to develop the model much more efficiently and rapidly than by using the old school FTP system.  We are able to see changes made by our partners in near real time.  While latency is not as good as being in the same network, the time saved in managing transfers and the advantage of nearly instantaneous visibility of changes offsets that nicely.  The WAFS system integrates well with our existing configuration, showing up as a dedicated mapped drive.  It is easy for the users to understand the proper way to use it.

We will likely engage this service in the future to share models.  Since the entire directory is duplicated, you are not limited to sharing only the Revit model.